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  1. More by Karen A. Page
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He decided early on to embrace his unusual psychic gift and to use it to help others. While his extra-sensory talents have long been known by police departments across the country, Jordan was thrust into the national spotlight this past February when a new Court TV show called "Psychic Detectives" debuted with the retelling of Jordan's first police case. The episode detailed how Jordan in found a six-year old boy who became lost in the dense woods of Tioga County during a fierce August thunderstorm. Individuals who knew of Jordan's gifts recruited his assistance and within one hour of beginning his search, he successfully led a search team to the frightened boy who had been missing for 17 hours.

Jordan said he used a map he envisioned the night before, and his mental capabilities to locate the boy, Tommy Kennedy, safe and alive - even after searchers were unsuccessful in their attempts. The response to the show has been overwhelming, Jordan said during a recent interview at his home in Candor. In fact, the show's popularity has brought Court TV back to the small burg this week to film another segment with Jordan. Since the airing Jordan has received letters and e-mails from over 24 different states.

He has even grabbed the attention of one of media's most well-known commentators. It's set to tape on April 14 and air on the 16th," said Jordan. Jordan will be on hand to discuss his recent appearance on "Psychic Detectives" and to talk about his nearly year career helping authorities solve mysteries. A career that began with his discovery of Tommy Kennedy in and lead to his subsequent swearing in as a deputy in Tioga County he would graduate from the New York State Municipal Police Training Academy in Since those early days Jordan has worked on "hundreds of homicide cases" and countless cases involving missing persons, lost children, and even arson.

His investigative skills and unusual abilities have lead to him working with police agencies in all levels of government across the country. Born with a Gift Phil Jordan describes his gift as an ability to access intense daydream-like visions of the past, present and future. Jordan expands on his ability. I have just learned how my mind works," Jordan said. When asked if he had ever provided anyone with an unsolicited vision, Jordan replied that generally he keeps quiet, but, "Once, I told a stranger on a street in Buffalo that his sister was scheduled to fly soon and that I could sense that there would be a problem with the aircraft.

More by Karen A. Page

He happened to believe in the type of abilities I have and he convinced his sister to change the flight. He also admits to sometimes reading others' auras out of curiosity, even though he does not share what he sees. Jordan said, "Sometimes when I am out at the mall or something I will read peoples auras for fun. This was the case a few years back when he was attending family wedding. He explained that a few days before the recent abduction of Wisconsin co-ed Audrey Seiler was deemed a hoax by authorities he had sensed that the student hadn't been authentically abducted.

In , Jordan successfully completed his requirements for a Masters of Science in education degree from Elmira College with his thesis work being in the role of funeral service in the grief process. He graduated from the prestigious Simmons School of Funeral Service in Syracuse in and met the requirements to be licensed as a New York State funeral director in and currently owns the Candor Funeral Parlor, Inc.

Jordan is also Pastor-in-Charge of a small country church, the Caroline Center Church, in Caroline Center, after having been ordained in as a non-denominational Inter-Faith Minister. When asked how his gifts have interacted with his beliefs, Jordan answered, "My abilities have made me more comfortable and stronger in my faith," and added, "The church fully accepts me as their pastor. Jordan also has stepped into the literary world, penning a book in about his personal journey to self-awareness titled "I Knew This Day Would Come," which details his childhood dealing with growing up in an alcoholic household and his journey to escape to a more comfortable, spiritual habitat.

Finding the first book to be a positive experience, Jordan has a desire to write more books for publication. In addition to writing about his abilities and experiences, Jordan also lectures and schedules readings and special appearances. Celebrating Life As one examines the life of Phil Jordan, it becomes evident that his experiences and business pursuits deal with a lot of the grim aspects of life.

Jordan explained that usually what he decides to pursue in life often has to do with his desire to help people. When asked how a man with such serious and foreboding positions in his community unwinds, Jordan explained that he enjoys swing dancing, reading, prayer and his time with the Hotel Gould that he owns, located in Seneca Falls. There is also a spiritual phenomenom floor show called The Spirit Connection I do as well. He also explained that his work at his church is very satisfying.

We've sold meals in two hours before," beamed Jordan with pride. Tips for the Gifted When asked what advice he would give to others who have discovered or are discovering that they may have abilities similar in nature to his own, Jordan replied that understanding one's gifts and learning to live with them is the beginning. You need to listen to it with your heart. All spiritiual things come from the heart. That is why you have a cessation of the heart when something is right or joyful. The mind can confuse things, so follow your heart, not your mind.

Your mind will screw you all up. To make an appointment for a reading, call Joined Aug 7, Messages 5, Likes 1, Points It seems like, at least when watching shows like Unexplained Mysteries and other programs, there are a fair amount of psychics that help out or attempt to help out on polices cases. It's even hackneyed in fiction now.

But doesn't it imply that there is something to what they do? What DOES seem surprising is cops still using tips from psychics if there has never been any aid from them in solving crimes - why keep barking up a blind alley like that? Has any definitive study been done concerning how many times psychics have actually helped on cases, specific cases? Of course they may use their own logical skills, or they may benefit from luck or perseverance, but there is no credible scientific evidence that psychic power ever solved a crime. Instead, crimes are invariably solved by police who search crime scenes, interview witnesses, and perform all of the myriad tasks necessary to locate a missing person or to convict a criminal.

They first indicate that most psychics are little more than "witnesses". Then say they "rarely" find concealed bodies or unknown assailants, and that the psychics may be using their own detective work. Then it says that police solve crimes using their own detective work, ignoring their own earlier statements! Of course, maybe it's just me, but it seems like they don't know how to acknoledge the times that psychic work has been used to solve a crime.

What the opinion about this here? Joined Dec 31, Messages 2, Likes Points I avoid having opinions if at all possible alas, it isn't always! Truzzi was a founding member of CSCICOP who resigned because he found the organization became oriented toward debunking more than investigating.

It's some time since I read my copy I think I got it new shortly after publication, so that would be 13 years , but this is the memory the contents have cooked down to over the years. Cops don't care how the bad guy is caught. Psychics routinely exagerrate the degree to which they are used by police departments. Regardless of how valid their psychic visions are, anybody on the team who knows that lost people wander downhill, how to organize a line of searchers in rough terrain, etc. The authors analyze a number of cases of psychic involvement in police work, and find that, once you factor out the general statements i.

Moreover, the solid hits that could not be attributed to cold reading, general statements, secret knowledge, bet hedging, and the usual bag of tricks were not useful in solving the crime. The one that sticks in my mind was the prediction that the missing person would be found by someone with an injured hand.

The injury happened after the prediction was made and the injured person was the one who found the target - apparent genuine precognition but so what? This offends me on the level of the person doing the work resenting the people who tell others how to do the work. If you don't trust your investigator's judgement, why is he an investigator?

Science may not support the usefulness of psychics as psychics, but there might be other reasons to use one and in any case that's not the call of the administration. One such use - and this was the most consistently successful use of psychics discovered by the authors - is as an interrogation technique. Police interrogators have strict guidelines about what they can and cannot do to suspects - and lying to them is on the allowed list in the U. So, you show Joe Blow the Serial Killer Jeane Dixon or whoever sitting in the next room and tell him that you have an incredibly gifted and accurate psychic channeling the victim, and surprisingly often he'll make a full, complete, and checkable confession!

Joined Sep 17, Messages 2, Likes 44 Points I watched a couple this spring. It didn't convince me, but I thought it was pretty cool. I saw an episode of the Court-TV series last night that was certainly one of those instances that seems tantilizingly hard to explain away as after-the-fact coincidence or only counting the "hits" and ignoring the "misses". A woman in Selma, CA was found bludgeoned to death in her apartment in The police tracked her movements, got a suspect description from a person at the bar she was at, released the sketch, etc.

The investigation goes nowhere. Which looks rather different from the one done from the witness description. The police look at the picture and file it away without taking it very seriously. The case goes cold. Thirteen years later a new police detective looks at the old case. Re-interviewing people he finds that their eyewitness, from the bar, was quite intoxicated at the time. So the never-before released drawing is put out on California "Crime Stoppers" tips show. Sure enough, someone calls in saying they recognize the fellow in the drawing, who is now living in a different part of the state.

The police look into the guy, find his mug shot from an arrest just one month priror to the murder and it's a dead ringer for the psychic's drawing. The cops, looking into the fellow further, are convinced he is the guy. They confront him and he confesses under questioning. The man is now doing time in a California prison for the murder he'd committted all those years earlier. The original detective, the one who re-opened the case and the police chief were all on the program verifying the events.

Obviously it was a little more involved than the shorthand version I've given above, but it really seemed a different order than "I see the letter B; the perpetrator works with his hands; a head injury was involved; etc etc" Ms. Rhea certainly didn't solve the case, but where that drawing came from Joined Apr 15, Messages 8, Likes 40 Points One has to ask whether there's been any scientific investigation into this in the first place It amuses me that such sweeping claims are made, whilst at the same time no actual scientific investigation of the subject has actually occured, AFAIK Joined Jan 21, Messages 1, Likes 16 Points Saw the same program last night, about a different crime.

As usual, the reality of the situation is somewhere between "always works" and "never works. This may not help actually solving the crime, but is related nonetheless. I too would like to see a solid scientific study of psychic detectives. Not gonna hold my breath. Joined Aug 6, Messages 2, Likes 24 Points Yet a close examination of psychic detectives suggests they are better at finding publicity than missing persons. A common pattern occurs in high-profile missing persons cases such as Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, Elizabeth Smart, and countless others : dozens or hundreds of "psychics" offer tips for free or for pay , yet when police follow up on the information, the vast majority of it ——or all of it——turns out to be wrong.

They also use information already available through normal means, and make so many different guesses that some will almost certainly be right. Police must follow up on all tips, including those from dubious sources, thus wasting precious hours and police manpower. When bodies are found it is always through accident or police work.

Despite repeated claims to the contrary, there is not a single documented case of a missing person being found or recovered due solely to psychic information. Police said they have received more than tips from alleged psychics. As of this writing her body has not been found. The search for Hacking was joined by the parents of Elizabeth Smart, the girl who vanished from her home in After Smart was kidnapped, nearly a thousand psychics contacted the Smart family and police, offering their visions, information, and evidence.

These tips, like all the rest, were investigated and followed up. News reports, quick thinking, and handy telephones rescued Smart, not psychic powers. Psychic detectives on television will likely have more luck than those in real-life. In February , Court TV launched a new series about supposed real-life psychic detectives called, rather unimaginatively, Psychic Detectives. The series proved so successful that Court TV ordered fifteen additional episodes for its season.

A crime drama on Lifetime Television, Missing, was the most-watched series premiere ever for the female-targeted network, reaching 3. Fox who teams up with a young psychic to helps her locate missing people. The series was brought back for the lineup, retitled simply Missing. Not to be outdone, on January 3, NBC launched Medium, its own "chilling drama series inspired by the real-life story of research medium Allison Dubois.

With pluck and confidence, she dispels doubts and shows up skeptics including her rocket scientist husband and police investigators. In contrast to the typical vague, post hoc predictions about where the body is, Dubois stands in a field, points to the ground, and says the body is "right here, about three feet down. Glendale police spokesman Michael Pena stated that the detective who handles missing persons cases "does not recall using Dubois at all in [one specific] case, or in any other cases.

Benjamin Radford is a writer, managing editor of the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, and Editor Jefe of Pensar, a Spanish-language skeptics magazine. Psychic detectives, both "real" and fictional, are currently hot. Unfortunately for Dubois, the Glendale police and the Texas Rangers tell a different story.

As is often the case, the claims made by psychic detectives wither under a little real detective work. Joined May 18, Messages 6, Likes 4, Points The famous psychic detective Croiset apparently often refused to work on murder cases. He thought that he might "see" an innocent passer-by, and confuse the matter further. He worked by psychometry. Joined Jan 9, Messages 1, Likes 8 Points Is it just me or does anyone else groan when you see these words?

We all different in the same way? Anonymous Guest Feb 20, Why do these sorts of accounts always start this way? Yes of course but it doesn't mean they're psychic, just fairly normal! Anonymous Guest Feb 21, Vadagama has had vibhuti materialize in the machines at his factory. He tells us that one day he had an 8-ton machine to move over a bank holiday, but was let down at the last minute. Like a good Hindu, he prayed in his heart for help. He had a lorry parked outside. Vadagama asked the man if he could help and how much would it cost.

Vadagama turned his back for a few seconds to discover that the man had gone and to his utter bafflement saw that the eight-ton machine was all neatly dismantled and stacked on the truck. Vadagama went to Puttaparthi and was seated among other devotees for Darshan.

Sai Baba walked up to him. I put it back in the machine. Vadagama telephoned his daughter who was minding the business back in London. He told him where Sai Baba had said the money was and his daughter went to check. As far as I can tell Mr. Joshi are sincere people. Also how amrith will pour from the pictures at auspicious times. Even food that is put before their temple is eaten. My credibility was beginning to strain. It could, of course, all be a well-meant hoax. Inwardly I asked Sai Baba for a tangible sign to prove that this was all true. Moments later a woman who had arrived at the same time as we opened the prayer letter that she had placed on the altar To her astonishment the pages inside were covered in a light sprinkling of vibhutti ash.

I also had interesting email correspondence with Bon Giovanni, an American who has a website dedicated to Sai Baba. He spotted my articles on my website and wrote to me to correct a few names that I had misspelled. For example, to one devotee he said that spiritual healing was good and to another that it was bad. He has also been asked if there is life on other planets and if there are real UFOs. Again he appears to offer us a contradiction. Swami looked at the young man and started to answer, but at that moment in the field behind him, in broad daylight, a UFO appeared and just hovered there in the sky above the group.

You see, Swami does extraordinary things. Sometimes he does such miracles that the mind simply caves in, and at other times he does such clumsy sleight of hand tricks that you think that he must think you are a fool if he expects you to fall for it. Why does he do that? Why does he contradict himself? Why is he so damnably undefinable? My hunch is that he does whatever is right to further the insight of the person present before him, no matter if that somehow makes the person think of him as a fraud or a god.

He really does not care what one thinks of him, you see. At least that is my experience. Just when I think I have Swami pegged, he does something outside my comprehension. When doubt overwhelms me, I later discover why I have learned just as much from that process as when wisdom overwhelms me. Swami is seated in private with four or five of us and opens his empty right hand, palm up. He passes it around. The metal is warm to the touch. Swami tells a story about how changing the heart of man into gold is not his job, but ours, and it takes effort, heat.

At that moment a student enters to deliver a message. We all knew the student had not seen it appear in mid-air, and I for one thought surely the boy was now filled with doubts about Swami. Sorry to be so Zen, but that is my experience: one must find out for oneself. After you have seen him and come to know him directly, perhaps your questions about contradictions will be satisfied.

Bon Giovanni had put his finger on something that I was beginning to understand. The experience of Sai Baba is unique to every person. Many people may witness a miracle, but it will mean something completely different to everyone who witnesses it. A somewhat burly gentleman sat down for his reading and, to my surprise, I noticed that he was wearing a platinum bracelet with an Indian Om symbol on it.

It seemed completely out of place on such a big man who I found out later was a builder. I asked him if the bracelet was from Sai Baba and he told me his wonderful story. Swami pointed upward with his finger and I could see a circle of sparkling light swirling above it. Then, to my utter astonishment, I saw the circle of light form into this bracelet hovering in the air six inches above his index finger.

Sai Baba then opened his hand and the bracelet dropped into it. His voice quivers with joy as he tells his story:. Some time ago he had damaged his neck and the doctors said that there was nothing more they could do for him. He had over the years visited many specialists and private doctors. The vibhuti I gave him had been given to me by Dr. This vibhuti was, in fact, extracted from his own body coming out of his hands and from his legs particularly at night. This phenomenon lasted for three months and everyday devotees from all over the UK were going to his home in Leicester to see him and would see vibhuti everywhere- even in his bed sheets.

I also told him to pray to his own chosen God incarnation. I believe he prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is just one example of healing that Baba can do. Within a week John could turn his neck 45 degrees. In two weeks he was fully cured and could hold his head straight without any pain. Devotees seemed to be crawling out of the woodwork to tell me their stories.

And the dreams kept happening. My aunt Marion, my father, my sister and even our daughter Danielle dreamed of Sai Baba. He was in tears joy and spoke with great rapture and joy telling me in an ecstatic and quivering voice that Sai Baba was in the room with him. But it was more than curiosity that was calling me.

More importantly, Sai Baba had somehow connected with me on a very deep level of my being. I was still aware of the spirit world and of my guiding spirits but now there was another voice within me, a voice that even the angels bowed down too. I was beginning to believe that Sai Baba really was what he claimed. He is omnipresent. So why go to India? Furthermore, a pilgrimage to India would help us to progress spiritually and hopefully turn us into better people with a clearer understanding of the purpose of life.

Finally, I needed to know what Sai Baba had to say about the work that people like Jane and myself do. Is it right to communicate with the Afterlife? How best should we use our psychic powers? And does reincarnation entail the survival of the individuality? As a Spiritualist I have always believed that the human personality including its memories and character survives bodily death.

Perhaps Sai Baba could help to unify the many aspects of my work which you have read about here. I made a few phone calls and booked to join a small group of four female devotees who would be traveling to the ashram in early November. Even the swarms of mosquitoes that feasted on our pink flesh appeared to have to fight their way through passport control and then only to have countless forms signed and stamped in triplicate by illiterate clerks. Auntie, Auntie tip! The cab coughed black smoke and leaped into life as if relieved to escape from the clamoring crowd and once again bounce its way down the pot-holed streets like an uncontrolled Kango hammer.

Brakes, steering, suspension, and windscreen wipers are considered optional accessories in the Bangalore taxi services. He even picked his nose in the same way After an extensive shopping trip around the rundown shoe shops of Bangalore with my five women companions, now satiated by shopping we boarded the taxi again and headed off into the wilds of the countryside.

But she entered the spirit of things and her day to day worries about new carpets, decorating and DIY now seemed so far away. More immediate was the need to know whether we would survive the taxi journey as our scrap car belted at full throttle down the rugged roads to the village of Puttaparthi, or if our luggage would stay on the roof rack. As the car swerved to avoid children, squeezed between juggernauts and sped at oncoming traffic, I learned the spiritual lesson of how to pray with all my heart. Jane and I were in good spirits, Carole was a bit bossy, but also a good organizer.

Priya was a trainee doctor and radiated compassion. Linda was very easy-going and Annie a textile designer was helpful and cheery. We were a smashing crowd. So what could Carole possibly mean by saying this? Even though we were all nearly dropping dead with jet lag and tiredness, Carole urged us to quickly clean and tidy our rooms so that we could catch the afternoon Darshan.

This is held in the mandir which is a magnificent open-sided temple with wonderful pink, blue and yellow carvings intertwined in its pillars, domes, and structure. According to the Hindus, just to have sight of a personage with the spiritual size of Sai Baba brings tremendous blessing and triggers a spiritual transformation within the beholder. I was soon to find out what this meant. As I sat in the lines waiting to be lead into the Mandir to view Sai Baba I listened to the crows squawking overhead and thought about the dream that I had just before leaving England.

Was this wishful fulfillment or was I going to be called here and now? In addition, Carole was so convinced that we would have an interview that she drummed into me that I must ask for an interview if I get the opportunity. I told him the incorrect number and he immediately reprimanded me for my inaccuracy. The Darsha lines are called by drawing lots. I was sat close to the front of one row and my row was called first. We sat for about an hour as everyone else was crammed into the huge building. Then a great hush fell over the crowd and even the birds and monkeys stopped chattering as a small orange form appeared at the far side of the Mandir where the rest of my group and the other women sat.

I could see Sai Baba floating like an orange flower on a sea of silence. All my life I had spoken out against gurus yet here I was sat basking in awe at this person. There were even tears in my eyes. So this is what they meant by Darshan. Throughout my life, I have been able to clearly see the human aura. As I looked at the little figure in the distance I could see great waves of light pouring from him in every color imaginable. He seemed to be showering us with light and everyone present could feel it.

I saw him speak to a few women on the other side who got up and walked to behind the pillars near the entrance to the inner sanctuary. Eventually, he walked to the area where I was sitting on the floor. He was stood right in front of me and materialized vibhutti ash from his fingers and into the hands of devotees nearby. I was so close that could see exactly what was happening just in front of me. The ash was appearing a few inches away from his fingers. It was as if something cracked. I could even hear it snap like a silent explosion within.

I felt overwhelmed. Sai Baba walked on stopping now and again to talk to others then finally completing his circuit and joining the people who had gathered behind the pillar. The instant he was out of sight most of the crowd rose to their feet and thronged towards the exits. As I turned to leave one of the Sevadals came up to me and touched my scarf that Carol had given to me to mark out our group.

All around there were people wearing scarves from every country of the world. Apparently, if one member of a group is called in to see Sai Baba then all the rest can follow. The UK? Quickly, quickly follow me. Swami will see you, but you must hurry. Now, at last, I could ask all my questions. And goodness knows what else will happen. Another sevadal joined him and I was rushed towards the front.

Too late. Sorry, you miss Swami. Very sorry. This was the story of my life. There are points in my life when I was nearly a famous artist, nearly a rich man, nearly had my TV show with Jane, nearly met Sai Baba in person. In addition, I thought about how so many times people had greatly profited by plagiarising my ideas or have stolen my opportunities by jumping on contacts that had worked hard to set up.

On the ashram, time appears to stand still yet also seems so limited. It felt like an eternity that I wandered the ashram grounds contemplating the significance of what had happened. Yet in that short period, I resolved a major inner barrier to my personal happiness. The important thing is that I do my spiritual work and all work in the spirit of service and without thought of reward.

Any benefits are just the footprints left in the changing sands of time. They all looked at me puzzled. I so realized also that a personal interview was perhaps unnecessary. What happens in the ashram is a uniquely personal experience and completely subjective, yet relevant to the person. Everybody who goes discovers something completely different. Our group leader, Carole Alderman, had other ideas. From the moment we left she was desperate for a personal interview. This was quite understandable because the last time she had come she was instructed by Sai Baba to write a course for the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Organisation.

EVH, as it is called, is now an intricate part of the Indian Education system and has been introduced into schools throughout the world. The program has a multi-cultural and multi-faith approach. The system teaches that at the core of all religions lie the same fundamental values by which we should govern our lives. These are the right conduct, peace, truth, love, and non-violence which are fundamental in the make-up of the human personality. On an earlier visit to the ashram, two years before in Sai Baba had called her to an interview to approve the first stage.

Very happy. I had shown him the first book I had written from which the current books have been born. Before the thought had even finished, he had waved his hand and produced a necklace of golden beads with little symbols on them. He then put it over my head and told me never to take it off. And I never have. It is a constant reminder of his presence day and night, reminding me, among other things, that he is the doer and I am merely the instrument.

I have had so much evidence of this over the last two years that I know I have nothing to worry about or plan. It all happens as he wills.

Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case

Many famous people have visited Sai Baba and come away from the experience feeling that they were not in the presence of an ordinary human being. She was granted a private interview and asked Sai Baba to materialize her a cross and chain. Without hesitation, Sai Baba waved his hand and materialized exactly what she asked for. Apparently, Fergie was deeply shaken and spiritually inspired by the meeting. In addition, it was widely rumored that Princess Diana had visited Sai Baba while she was at Bangalore. During this time I am told that she sneaked into the ashram. Shortly after our journey to the ashram Sarah Miles, the daughter of actor Sir John Miles, visited the ashram for Christmas.

And while I may never go to Puttaparthi again, nor ever understand where the love comes from out there, I do know that that love is truly blinding. How blessed those temple birds are, to be forever surrounded by it. We too never received a personal interview, but I realized that this was not important. Carole Alderman stayed on for a couple of months after we left. I dare not think how desperate she was by this time for an interview. For a moment her face betrayed that she was taking me seriously.

Kelsey Berreth Murder Psychic Reading

Then at the very last Darshan before Carole had to leave for her flight Sai Baba came and took her letter. He moved on, then stopped and glanced at her. Almost before he had moved on, Carole had picked up her cushion and was running up the aisle to the veranda, tears streaming down her face. Sai Baba showed his approval of the books by stroking them fondly for 10 to 15 minutes after he looked through them in an earlier interview with Joan Brake who had taken them for her.

Right up to the last minute Sai Baba was playing his game. Of course, he knew how desperate Carole was for an interview. What can I do? But I am with you always, beside you, above you, around you. I bless. I bless! Yes, yes, yes. They say that nobody goes away from the presence of Sai Baba disappointed. I certainly felt inspired and uplifted by the experience and many, many questions had been answered.

I, of course, wondered how he had known my question and we were separated by the crowd before I could ask him. When we returned to home we were greeted by our usual mountain of letters. Among them was a package from Peggy Mason. She enclosed all the information she had about Sai Baba and the afterlife.

The full details will have to wait for another book. Peggy went on to explain that she was still in touch with her husband via an excellent trance medium Paul Bura. He also says he and Baba will come for me. My health is running down, plus angina, etc. Actually what makes more sense, is that when he was bitten by the scorpion a demon possesed the body of the boy and this Demon called himself Sai Baba and claims to be God.

Many yogis can possess bodies of other people. Please do not defame the Vedas, by worshiping these false Avatars. All the real Avatar are mentioned in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Dear Sir, My parents were devotees along with my relatives of Huzur Radhasoami. This is a religion that gives priority to a Guru but still does not give the pride of place to the central deities Rama and Krishna or Shiva.

In I became a devotee of Rama or Krishna. But my troubles persisted. I had bad dreams and where in my sleep I was short of breath as well as I felt somebody was holding my neck. I was having problems once in a while though I had no health problems except for primary complex. Then my health problems subsideda little bit as it is essential for one to have a Guru even though one may be a devotee of Vishnu or Shiva. I was busy in research in and finally was free from the late of About a year before Mother Teresa died she was terribly ill with rheumatic heart fever and in the ICU in a Calcutta hospital.

I sent her my book on my experiences of Sai Baba called , Waiting for Baba, and a packet of vibhuti , to the hospital through our Liaison Officer in Manipur Bhawan in Calcutta. I was then in Imphal, Manipur. I was told that the book was delivered to her personally by the senior most nun at that time. Soon she made a recovery and got another years extension of life in typical Baba fashion.

This is the first time I am hearing that Mother Teresa believed in Baba. I knew she was a staunch Catholic but I felt that she deserved Babas grace, blessings and love for having slaved for the poor all her life, so I am really happy to know she developed faith in Baba a year before her demise. Vision of Lord Rama Here is an experience which was very strange at the time but later I did come to the proper understanding of it.

While meditating I was disturbed by a loud commotion of young excited voices … I opened my eyes to see a long line of school children walking past with their teachers. As I resumed my meditation a vision then opened in revealing another long line of young school children who were again walking past, only this time they were all in spirit bodies. Walking beside them was Mother Teresa who looked over at me smiling. At that time I knew she was still living in the physical, but later I came to realise that Mother Teresa was doing work on other levels and not just on earth … in her work she was helping young spirit children by taking them to have the darshan of the Lord.

While there sitting in the hot sun listening to Swami, and wearing sun glasses at the time because of the bright glare the sun was giving off, I looked up at Swami and noticed something strange happening. I had to lift my sunglasses off to see clearer that of what I was witnessing. Swami was changing in colour, on and off.

The colour would come then go, come then go … until the colour finally settled. This colour was of a royal purple blue, a very beautiful colour indeed. I could also see Swami in two forms … as I was visually witnessing all this Swami then began talking on Rama. And for the record I discovered in , Mother Teresa was a Baba devotee. In she permanently gave up the physical body. At one morning, a man from the administration office escorted a man up to share our room with us.

He was a Macedonian man by name of [B]? I might be giving his identity away by saying that he was totally blind. His English accent was just barely understandable which made communication a little difficult between us, and I know that he must have felt uncomfortable even though my brother and I tried hard in making him welcomed. The first morning we escorted him to darshan, then to the western canteen where he would eat his breakfast with us. Now here is where it gets very interesting; here is where we finally realise that it was Swami who brought him to us for a special purpose.

On the second day in the afternoon as I laid on my bed, I was violently grabbed from behind by an unseen visitor. I was a little surprised at first but not shocked, as things like this has happened on many occasions before. It was incredible to say the least, I could not loosen his grip no matter what. Instantly this evil spirit man was gone. I leaned over and told my brother what had just occurred, and he told me that not long ago he saw a terrible colour hanging onto this Macedonian man, a colour which was not a part of his own but some other which had attached itself to him.

Whoever or whatever it was is now gone — for good. Within the hour we were again escorting the blind man to the canteen for supper. As soon as we got in through the doorway of the canteen we were greeted by 5 or 6 Macedonian men who invited our blind friend to stay with them. We watched them with fascination as they all communicated very freely and with great joy in their own language. My brother and I spoke at length when we returned to our room about the event which did occur.

Then as if a thunderbolt hit us with the realisation that it was Swami who guided this man to us, where we were used as instruments in ridding this entity. Some might say why not Swami remove this entity. Swami gives us all opportunities to be His instrument where are are able to serve, but of course there are other reasons as well, reasons where we are not able to see the fullness of it — as yet.

Like the love of a mother who takes care of each and every child, this is Swami. How can we ever go wrong when we attach ourselves tightly to the lotus feet of our loving Divine Mother. Hi Craig my name is Pat from South Africa. I have many memorable experiences with Swami. Interview in He gave me permission to marry my husband who was not being accepted by my mother for religious reasons. Anyway all was fine we are happily married with two beautiful children.

They are 25 and 19 years old. We have been fortunate to travel to the ashram many times as a family. I would like you to please explain why we like you are now experiencing such financial difficulties.

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Even to the extent of companies stealing ideas and getting very rich. We have been praying so hard but it seems that Swami is not listening. Can u please reply as to what you think. Baba has and always will be my everything. Jai Sai Ram. I think we need to remember that Sai Baba is not Father Christmas. He walked this earth to quicken our spiritual knowledge and not necessarily to take away our karma.

I believe the bad karma we have can be negated by doing charitable work and Seva irrespective of any reward. Just do good and think good and all will work out. It has improved for me when I have taken this attitude of acceptance mixed with effort. Sai Ram. This happened few days ago: I was driving thinking intensely about the day work and other duties. I saw the truck before me slowing down and I also slowed down letting the car before it making a right. As soon as the truck moved I also moved forward.

Suddenly I heard this incredible impact and saw my truck smashed against the one before me. We both parked to the left and came out of the truck. I went inside my vehicle and looked at Swami picture which I always keep inside and I talk to when alone. It just happened so fast! I came out with my papers and as I was to show them to the driver, he said that I was driving too closely, but as long as no one got hurt he was going to let go, this time. I looked at both faces, asking if they were fine and again I gave them my apologies. I felt like a child, but I promised. Went inside my truck and wondered what has changed their mind, a minute before they were like wolves against me and know left as two sweet puppies.

I was not sure if the whole thing happened or I just dreamed it. Then I remembered my prayer to Baba and knew He blessed their mind and heart, there was nothing also I could think of. Waited until they left and I went home wondering, still, if I dreamed the whole thing. Now I came out of the truck and before entering the house I looked at the front License Plate. It was all smashed! Oh, I did not dream it, it really happened! But the Lord was there for me and let me go with a warning.

Thank God my husband is a devotee and believed me, saying the worse was over and God bless those people whose truck, in my eyes, did not seem to get one single scratch. How could that happen, my truck was smashed against theirs? I remember reading in one of the Sathya Sai Speak Books that Swami at the age of 34 told his young devotees, who begged Him not to ever leave them, ever….

I wished I had the book with me but it belonged to a Sai Center, which moved to the South. Also, in one of the latest videos of Mr. He is very close to me, in time of need.

Sathya Sai Baba and the Psychics - mediums talk about their Indian Guru.

More miracles happened since He has left his body and dreaming about Him feels just as real. The other morning I dreamed about Swami, who in few words, told me it was time to work. A second after that, I found myself talking about Swami to a group of unknown people, mostly ladies.

They were listening and enjoying hearing about His world miracles, leelas, all He had done in India and, especially in Prashanti Nilayam, seva, spiritual teaching and His Omnipresence,. One person stood up and started to give me hard time telling me she would never believe in such a think as the Avatar being on earth doing miracles and all she was hearing. Her voice was very loud, she was screaming her negativity all over the room. All this time, Swami was seating next to the window, alone, looking outside.

Her voice thundered and now she was moving her hands and arms all over. Frustrated I started to lose my voice! She was spoiling the moment for me and everyone who wanted to hear more about Baba. Right here Sai Baba got up and left, went to next room and the lady followed Him. Now, in peace, I continued talking about Swamis and his Life Story. I went to the next room, got close to Him who was seemingly sleeping. I felt his breathing on my face and happily went back to the next room, saying He was sleeping, that He always pretended to sleep when He wanted people to calm down, relax and go to sleep.

While saying that I saw the lady seating on the chair that Swami was before, next to the window. She closed her eyes and started to quiet down. We all looked at her and started to play with her, telling her she was going to be soon a Sai devotee. At the beginning of our playing around she did not like it, but soon she started to smile, she got her face all read, and we knew. Finally she admitted that the whole story sounded real and that maybe Sai Baba was and Avatar of God, and while still seating, she leaned toward us to hear some more stories about Swami………………now…I woke up.

I love you for ever! Sai Ram and Sai blessings to all Maria J. E Jai Sai Ram. I also have been to Prashanthi to see him in his physical presence a few times and have had a few experiences. Which would mean only one thing; that He will certainly be back in the same physical form as Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! Thank you for the info. Just finished reading it. Brilliant book — could not put it down. Fascinating for any Sai Baba devotee or enthusiast.

The author wrote to ask questions to the Sphinx when face to face with it and it would give the right answers. Mostly I could see his profile face that now was next to me, on the bed looking up. My father face was a little big, but not of the Sphinx, serious and I did not remember what I have done to upset them. Sairam — Bhagwan is still living in each and every heart. Bhagwan is living in all human being. Swamy always said I am God you are also God. Differnce is I know I am God and you dont know. Second Swamy alway live and work for needy poor people.

He always said Manav Seva is Madhav Seva. Service to Man is Service to God. We are so fortunate to be born in a cycle when a wonderful Avatar such as Sri Sathya Sai Baba is also alive! The leelas and miracles are not over and neither the dream darshans. Baba comes to me still and my family. He is funny most of the time, and comforting like a mother or best friend. I had a dream, just last week, where He showed me He was my Father. I had hard time stopping my neighbour spraying mosquitoes spray on the bush, which is in front of my air conditioner, the smell comes inside and my daughter and I suffer from asthma.

Our stomach is too sensitive for that kind of poisons so I had the bush cut to the bottom, still this guy keeps on spraying what ever is left over of it and we cannot breathe in the living room. Finally I gave up and wrote a letter to my dear dead father who knew what to do with things like this and nasty people. Sometimes God listens, sometimes He is too busy. The next morning I woke up from the dream that Sathya Sai was talking to my father and while ignoring me they were working on stubs of the bush by putting a huge dark thick back around it and rocks all around it so the bag would not fly with the wind, just the way my father used to do to protect his tree from the winder cold.

They finished the work and together left from the back of the yard, with no exist, they disappeared right before I woke up. Of course once up I dressed up and did what they showed me. The neighbour has not sprayed the bed any more for months, God bless my father and praise the Lord of my heart who came to me, in time of distress. I also love me so much!

My wife, daughter and me all had a very similar dream about Sai Baba on the same night and we all dreamed of the same place and had similar messages. There is definitely Dharshan in dreams — and like you he is always so funny in the dreams — always joking. I wonder if others have the same? Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave me and my family enough leelas and miracles to know He is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. With this in my mind, body and soul, I know He is all over the creation, especially around us, on earth, where He will soon be born as Prema Sai.

I crave the dream darshans, lately they come in wall pictures. Last time I dreamed of Sathya Sai, I was sick for weeks. He checked by body as a doctor and then picked me up from under my arms, like I were a child, He put me on the floor and said: Now go home and heal. I have been great since then. I am grateful He is always in my life. Love Him so much! In this world nobody has understood Swami except Vasatha Sai Amma. What magnificent God is Swami in leaving the scene and staying in the scene in the vests of a Goddess.

Of course, for those who cannot yet see HIM everywhere and in everyone, is just more love and more grace. Om Sri Vasantha Sai. I visited your website today and when I read the about peoples experience with Sathya Sai Baba it was a good feeling inside. Remember the years under the s when Sathya Sai Baba stood in my room when I lived I Sweden after I had meditated regular over a period. After that experience and what he told me that time has change my Life. Sometime they said things to me and I was just wondering how could they now and read my minds and feelings.

It was the beginning of a special period and I often was engaged to do good for people. Under this period I also had a lot of tribulation after a family separation and it take over 7 year of painful conflicts. All this time it was like I had too experience both sorrow and happy times. My first visit too Sathya Sai Baba was on his birthday and I come the same day like the voice had told me before when I sat on the trap stairs in front of the house.

I was alone with all my sad feelings expecting to live the house I loved and my family divided. The unplanned trip to India was like somebody took over all my burden and after that evening in the middle of November all goes in that direction like this was planned for a long time. I come to the birthday and was very confused but very happy to see the little man who already was a dear friend under meditation and dreams.

Also friend to my father who was near the dead under operation of a big tumour and my atheistic father told me some months after the operation when I under a visit to the parents has the feeling to give him a photo on Sathya Sai Baba. He said that he now him and wondered how so he told me that under the critical operation he had left the body and this Indian man had come to him under the out of body and told personal things about his life. My father who not was my biological had diagnosed cancer but after the operation he never took chemotherapy.

Instead he eat special cooked food and together whit my mother visited under the following year the Greek Islands more then one time instead of chemotherapy. The cancer disappeared from the body and the doctors was surprised. He was very seek on the early morning the Christmas day he was operated and the same time many miles in another town was I sitting under long time in meditation on the couch when I often in meditation had the same vision there I could see my father sitting beside Sathya Sai Baba on a big couch together like near old friends.

When I see that my body begin to vibrating long periods and when it stopped I stood up on the couch. They told me what has happen some days later. My father was together whit us four wonderful years when his hart give up one morning after he said goodbye to my mother Before she goes working. Everything was safely disposed and that is also one thing that I have to learn under my own life of happiness and sorrows.

When I come home from my only trip to India I had with me a 27 kg bag full of books about spiritual teaching and sage I feel close to long before my journey to this land. Its a very unique time we all lives in on Earth. We have to tune in and everybody must do their duty and fulfil their obligations and let Good inside us be the support to show the right way. Sai Baba have told that it takes for him three incarnations to full fill what he has coming for and all we other must work on convert to real Christ souls who know and practice these secrets of the heart.

So in your note when you repeatedly say Sai Baba is a different person altogether from Satya Sai Baba. Please do not spread half knowledge in your forum. Sai Baba lived as a fakir or hermit all his life with genuine powers and miracles and lived amongst the poor. My aunt, who was a hot and cold Sai devotee, was recently at the hospital. The doctors found her case kind of lost due to her late age. In the hospital, while sleeping, she had the first time His Darshan.

In the dream Sri Sathya Sai Baba was participating some kind of a race she could not figure out, but in her mind she knew He was going to win. Few seconds later she saw Him coming out victorious and coming close to her with a big smile. She woke up and understood everything is going to be OK. She called everyone in the family and told about that powerful dream, which did not look like a dream, she said, like Sathya Sai, was actually there when He smiled at her.

The same day she was dismissed as doing well, her blood pressure was great, nothing wrong. They doctors checked and re-checked their paper work, etc. Well the fact is that they send her home and still have no idea of what could have happened.

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A miracle they said. A miracle.