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Just practicing. With that said, I can say that having worked immersively within this system now for several years, that I do feel clear difference between, um, an energy, which is a more feminine energy of experienced as Earth based, connected with the earth. It connects with certain parts of the body and sexual center in particular versus, uh, the Shen or the spirit energy, the fire energy, um, you know, these sort of archetypal qualities of different energies.

And the, no, the more advanced practices are called the Fusion Practices or the Immortality Practices of the Tao. And, uh, but for me even to have gotten to the point now where I feel like I can ground to earth and also feel upwards through the top of my head in a way that really actually is very strongly empowered by my previous experiences with Kabbalistic practice to sort of connect to this sort of heavenly force or presence above.

Yin and Yang. To be able to stand as a human being and to be in touch with both of those brings a lot of positive benefit. Um, in your opinion, what is the importance of cultivating that sexual energy? Like how is, how is that beneficial in our life? So the sexual center is like, even in the Indian tradition, Mul, like Muladhara is the foundation.

It means foundation. And to me it became very obvious that as human beings, we are born from this sexual force life force, that it does have a polarity nature to it. And that being in touch with that and being healthy and whole and having a flow of that force within is the best foundation for developing of our other capacities in what I call a grounded way. And so you avoid the types of problems.

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And then it, of course will reappear in different ways. Um, so to me an approach that, and I would almost say speaking now really more as a transpersonal psychologist and being able to stand apart from any of the particular was a parochial interests of the different religions or anything an approach to me that begins from that foundation and helps people to be healthy and whole and happy and learned to cultivate their sexual energy, which then when you cultivate it and draw it up upwards, which is what all of these traditions are doing, draw the sexual energy from the sexual center upwards into the other centers.

It becomes sort of a magnifier of other centers. So if you draw sexual energy up say to the heart center, it takes on a different quality energy. It takes on different quality. Um, yeah. So I kind of lost the thread there. Tell me how to remember it. I almost feel like, um, you mentioned foundation and grounding it in practice. Um, can you share with us what are some of the core practices of cultivating sexual energy? Um, so just speaking, I guess as myself rather than from some particular situation. I think that for modern people today that want to explore these things, the very first thing to do is, um, first of all, get really well schooled in this whole area of boundaries and consent.

Uh, and you really have to practice solo as well in terms of the alchemy work in order to do that, such as something you do with other people. And so when anybody moves into one of those roles, it will tend to elicit others to move into complimentary role. So somebody is moving into a victim role then they will tend to draw. First of all, the victim role will itself imply already an aggressor or persecutor of some form of their president or pass or what have you.

And then, and then likely there are people who are going to be drawn and wish to go into a savior role. So learning to own your own stuff and not project onto other people and have that sense of sovereignty within yourself I think is really, really basic for all this. Chi Gong is the skillful use and interaction with life energy. But I think that basically grounding is super important. And visual! Oh my God. Uh, so yeah, really important. So then from that angle, I would say that learning to pleasure oneself in a loving way without it needing to be about any other image or form that you place in your mind.

Um, a loving flow with oneself. Uh, you know, masturbation and shame just the shame around sexuality. Like right off the top, we can say that. Coming to terms with that, like, do you really think that we are sexual beings? I mean, pretty much everybody masturbates I mean, some form. Why do we need to be ashamed about it? To what extent can I be a sexual being first of all, with myself, right? To what extent am I able to be a sexual being in the presence of others?

Taoist Secrets for Men's Health: Taoist Sexology

What does that bring up? So for example, is a lot of women who… first of all the site of a penis is, uh, can be.. Um, and what if the penis is erect? What then? Like a lot of women will see an erect penis and it feels like they have to serve it some way. Um, but I am part of a kind of a subculture today that is willing to explore the questions and, um, with the foundation of a lot of really good communication skills and ingrained ethics, um, to, um, you know, explore these things and, and to see where we may be able to get to that is just healthier and provides a better foundation for our further development as human beings and in our cultures to, uh, just be, just be more fully ourselves I think.

I think this is a good moment as human beings to reground ourselves into our basic nature and to be empowered from it. And then to meet the future and meet the challenges and um, you know, from that more, more whole, more at peace place. Um, you mentioned, one of the paradigm shifts, uh, when I was started to explore these practices is the idea of, um, holding ejaculation or to prevent it while engaging in sexual practice.

Can you describe that a little bit? Because it is a radical shift in paradigm to I would imagine a lot of western minded people. It is. So then types of orgasmic feelings at different parts of the body. Um, you know, it can have a brain orgasm or you can have a heart orgasm and things which are more common for women to feel actually quite natural for many women to feel the sort of whole body states varying degrees and intensity. Um, so it turns out men also can have that once they train their sexual as some of this is actual physical training. Training the muscles basically to gain control of the spasms, you know, of ejaculation.

Um, and then you can, and you can move it around, breathe it around, intend it around to different places and then join. The magic is there.

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  • I have no objection to that. I mean, it is a practical system of healing for about a billion people. So, uh, yeah, these practices are to truly extraordinary and revolutionary and I think, um, have the ability to really entirely remake our culture really, I would say. What about, um, since we brought up the male practices, what about females? Um, is it the reverse? And so there is, there is that difference.

    Taoist Secrets of Love : Cultivating Male Sexual Energy [Paperback]

    Um, what is your question specifically? How would they practice this kind of tradition? So those are two really important questions. So I would say that like a lot of the things with the Neidan at the beginning phases, there are practices that are fundamental practices about, um, clearing the body of unwanted emotional, like negative emotion. Within the body because when you start to work with sexual energy, you will magnify whatever feelings are there. When you begin to move the sexual energy around and amplify it tends to amplify.

    Um, so the early practices are, I believe, fairly identical between men and women. The inner Smile practice, um, the six healing sounds are practices that Traditional Chinese Medicine uses to clear, as I say, negative feeling states from the body. And, um, and then you move into things like the, uh, the practices for grounding to the earth. Um, in my experience it seems that women are more readily sensitive. Those practices I believe are virtually identical with what are known as the Iron Shirt Practices, which overlaps with Chi Gong, Kung Fu and with Neidan, all of them utilize these practices for different purposes.

    All very similar. I think that there are, the practices that are, are clearly different for women that are of central significance are two. One of them is the jade egg practice where women will insert an egg shaped stone into the vagina and to begin to… first of all just holding it there, toning the muscles of the vagina and with time learning to control the positioning of the stone, moving it upwards and downwards, um, developing a kind of a suction ability an ability, which as a physical ability corresponds with an energetic ability to draw energy very forcefully.

    Um, and then they go from my larger stone, which is easier to hold, to a much smaller stone over time and, um, become stronger there. She can prevent the man from ejaculating. It brings awareness to that area. It energizes the area. And, uh, when it comes to drawing, the energy moving energy become much more effective. The other practice, very significant practice is the ovarian breathing. Very, very interesting. So like an engine. And then the energy triggers the ovulation process.

    So what women do is they, with breathing, with intention, with visualization, they connect with this process. They connect to their ovaries. Very important, by the way, for both women and men to have a kind of conscious sense of their own sexual organs and this connectedness with them. Um, and so the women, they tune in to their ovaries during this phase of the cycle.

    And they, using the breath and intention, so on, they direct the energy away from the ovaries. They draw down through sexual organ area, uh, into, um, down to the Hui Yin at the base, um, which is the point between the anus and the vagina for women. And then they bring it up the spine and you drink it all the be all the way to the crown. And so when women do these practices, what they report is, uh, a lessening of the amount of blood during menstruation.

    They report a lessening of pain during and prior to menstruation. Women who practice these things intently can actually cease menstruation. They can always back off a little bit and allow menstruation to continue or they can dress so much energy and bring it to other centers, other purposes, uh, that they, um, will cease menstruation. And then if they, and they back off the practice for a time, then menstruation will resume for women who are in there in the phase of life where they are menstruating.

    PDF Download Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy, by Mantak Chia

    And this notion of moving through archetypes. And really exploring these things. So the difference between context practices, cultures, subcultures that want to work positively with those energies are just be bringing awareness to it at all. And the culture. Like why that is, how did that come about? What is going on with that? I think that, you know, the Red Tent as well. I think that the premenstrual phase in particular, also menstrual phase is a kind of a, you know, there is, as I mentioned, sort of a heightened psychic energy and I think that there was fear.

    And I think that that men in particular were scared of it. Scared of it. But this sort of….

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    She became a full on through contact with the Mapucha people, southern Chile. She went through some sort of shamanic initiation and she was a TV actress and anyway her main research for a number of years now has been these things. Very radical kind of stuff. Yaacov, would you be willing to share your personal experience with these practice. And what was that like for you? Not ejaculating. And so, you know, all the, first of all, I made all of the mistakes that people make.

    Building up too much energy, not clearing the energy, practicing and while not being grounded properly. Like really grounded, strongly grounded to Earth. And then I was like ah, okay, now I get it, you know, so the energy can equalize. So, um, that, that was a challenge. And then what, what does it do to your mental state when you have all this sexual energy? Warming the area. You learned to store it in different parts of the body after circulating it, using the energy to open things up. With some of the women in particular who practice these things, it can get to extraordinary levels where, uh, you know, women who are choosing to really embrace this, you go deep into this energy that you sort of allow it to animate you.

    It is life. Just incredible. You know, and these are longevity practices. And not just longevity with a Taoist tradition, the Neidan is the Inner Alchemy. Wudan is the external alchemy. And to come to these elixirs and, um, to cultivate immortality actually is the goal. It starts to sound really odd I think to people.

    Like Galileo was challenging the inquisition. Something that you mentioned before that before we start recording that that sexual energy goes, moves into the heart. And I feel it almost every time we say the word sexual, I feel that split, that tension. Resentment, anger or trauma.

    Mantak Chia - Taoist Secrets of Love.pdf - LIPN

    Um, all this cultural stuff, historical stuff, all the stuff about patriarchy. All of the gender wars, all of it comes up. But also if we can sort of go direct into the energy, even just as a solo practice without engaging anybody else, uh, it can entirely alter our perception of what…. Which, which actually takes me back to that question that we mentioned.

    So how do we address that? So, um, that becomes a, you know, a kind of a, a larger, um, philosophical, intellectual conversation. Uh, so I could sort of mark out the basics of the way I see that. But to me, both of these traditions that I have been working with, the Neo Tantra and the Taoist tradition and also the Kabbalah. All traditional wisdom traditions are in some important sense essentially list in the sense that they all talk about, uh, kind of a masculine feminine polarity in the nature and the cosmos.

    That any form of, um, analysis that relies on a socerian postmodern, um, literary devices. However you choose to name them. And God has many names. Like to be shamanic is to be, be able to attune both to the feminine and the masculine. You cannot be whole, truly whole a human being if you cannot resonate with both of masculine and feminine energies, energies and their varying combinations. And just to be alive and aware to that. And I think that people that want to train as healers and even just within psychotherapy, like when you do depth psychotherapy, like longterm, uh, psychotherapy with someone of the opposite gender, uh, with their different experiences and you do, you start to resonate with it.

    Mantak Chia Taoist Secrets Of Love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy…

    In Taoist tradition, we have physical bodies that are characterized by one or another of the masculine and feminine. So that means that every human being has a masculine pole. And every human being has a feminine pole. This came into the western psychology in the form of the Anima and the Animus of Jung, uh, it lives within a Taoist tradition, you know, as the, as the energy bodies and the various Meridians and so forth.

    And there are times in which I practice as a practice consciously to go out to my masculine pole or out of my feminine pole. And this is, this is Tantra, this is, this is also any of these systems that engage with the sexuality in this way acknowledge this. Um, I will say in the last few years of my, my shirts have become a little bit more colourful and a, yeah. And I can say that for me, myself as a teacher and everyone else I know that works in this field, we find nothing shocking about people who are living out varying combinations of their physical bodies to apparently or not.

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    The Tao, right? That, uh, is, is actually the source of both. Uh, I just think people who view themselves as being, um, either gender queer or, um, other, you know, all the various genders today, just, you know, enter into these spaces. Please come. First of all, we need you. Um, many of you are people who would, in other times in places be seen as gifted and would be sent to the Shaman, or the Shamaness to enhance and to practice and bring out your unique ability to move between these poles in unique ways and create beautiful expressions of, of, of being through that.

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