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A place for remembering loved ones. A space for sharing memories.
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Eli A Marys Memorial Hospital on September 19, Dad and grandfather. It's hard to believe it's been a year Think about I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. I thought of you yesterday and days before that too. Andrew Dean Joseph Hall Always loved and A special thank you to the W.

Peacefully at the age of 98 on March 23rd in the loving arms of her family.

Series: Beacon 23

For 60 years the beloved wife of Leonard Hardie Wilson died in , she is survived by their children, Jim Card of Thanks A heartfelt and sincere thank you to family, friends and neighbours for your support during and since the loss of our mother Doris Fryfogel. We wish to thank the PSWs, SCOTT The family of the late Randall Scott would like to express our heartfelt thank you to all family and friends for their love and support during this very difficult time. Young Funeral Home for their caring, loving, professionalism.

Also, all our WINTER The family of the late Richard Winter wish to extend our sincere thanks to family, friends and customers for your many kindnesses and for the condolences, cards and support that Stratford, ON Change City. A place for remembering loved ones. It reminds me of an intersection in my hometown in Tennessee that got by just fine with stop signs until a chicken truck plowed into that young couple.

Our first stoplight went up a few weeks later. That stoplight blinked yellow all night, in deference to the quiet, and the adults about town discussed with grave voices what this unwanted intrusion might mean. A hundred klicks away, a light blinks at me. I know what it means.

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Of wreckage spilled and lives lost. If stop signs could feel shame, I imagine that one in my hometown felt something like this. Standing there, frozen, watching in horror as that young couple got killed, feathers and dead chickens everywhere, all that squawking, until weeks later someone in an orange vest pulls that sign out of the ground and strings up the newfangled. My warthen nuzzles against me, probably because of these guilt-laden thoughts. Her name is Cricket. There was a time when she wanted to kill me, but now she just follows me around like a puppy.

Hardback Editions

When the bounty hunter who owned her died, she glommed onto me. Wants to know about warthens, eh?

Same guy. Same day, in fact. Okay, that last bit is wishful thinking. And yeah, I have conversations like these in my head a lot. Not as much, anyway. Cricket rubs her nose against my arm, and I lift it so she can tuck her head against me. I point at the blinking light. What do you make of that?

The two of us watch as the black of space swallows the light, spits it out, then swallows it again. I stare at the beacon, mesmerized. Cricket paws at her reflection. So many questions. Is someone over there? Another operator? How in the world did I pass the time before this intrusion into my routine? When the stars were all fixed, time slid by unnoticed. The thought of ticking reminds me to check the time. A ship full of guns and the men and women to fire them.

Rows and rows of heroes. Only because they had no idea what I did out there. I also remember catching the eye of the few conscientious objectors in the terminal, the people opposed to the war but afraid to speak up. There was no hate in their eyes, only pity. He was the beloved husband of Joanne E.

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Westberg Brakenwagen. He was employed as a …. More Obituaries.

Beacon Part Four: Company (Kindle Single) | perusal library | TinyCat

Read more. Keep Smiling. To the Editor:Tent compounds have been popping up in various areas all around the country; Rhode Island and Warwick have had their fair share.

As much as we all want to be sympathetic to the hard …. More Opinions. Log in Subscribe. Main menu Toggle navigation. Top stories. State officials said the second round of spraying is tentatively planned for the night of Monday, Sept. Frequenters of Conimicut should have reason to rejoice, as a long-awaited plan to improve areas of the village center were approved by the Warwick City Council during their Monday night ….

With master plan approval granted for a development featuring 30 single-family homes, the future of the Christopher Rhodes School — which closed in — has moved closer to fruition. Ward 2 …. The Rhode Island Transit Authority has embarked on something it has never attempted — creation of a master plan that considers various modes of transportation and service to meet local community …. After coming down with severe headaches and other symptoms Kaitlyn Limoges, an year-old sixth grader at Warwick Veterans Middle School, was diagnosed with a rare immunological disorder called Mast ….

According to a Tuesday.

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Primarily, one may wonder if there.